Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Web Ready is operational now, with much of my current work present. So far, watercolor consumes much of the pages. The 'other work' section requires 'other work', as I will add sketches, ideas, and other images of that nature.

Working with html and Dreamweaver for the past few weeks has made me fully understand the necessity for web designers; migraines are the least of a web developer's worries when compiling lots of data and imagery for the web. Design, navigation, connectivity, and other overlooked features like rollovers and spacing are massive components not to be trifled with. The smallest of errors is readily present to visitors; website creators deserve much more credit. My hat goes off to them.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First off

As a necessity- this is a blog, of course- I submit this as the first entry of hopefully a decently voluminous amount of entries in the future. It's been about fifteen minutes since I've opened it, and in that time I've decided to entertain a quarter life crisis. The trophy wife doesn't come yet though. I think I'll write and illustrate a book.

By the way, a website will be up soon showcasing some of the art I've made. Check it out if you love life.