Thursday, May 13, 2010

'nother self caricature

I had recently decided to lose the hair and as such needed a caricature update of myself. I am going to get more into watercolor caricature as an art. Simplification of form plays into this one as I was somewhat influenced by Tomo( He simplifies shape elements seemingly based upon a 3 dimensional structure; I assume its based upon his sculptures.

Speaking of which, seeing and working alongside different artists out there and studying work myself, 2 primary drawing styles seem to manifest themselves. Structural and picture plane. Structural is the understanding of form and drawing with clear indications of 3 three dimensions. A videogame concept artist would be good at this. Picture plane is primarily an observational technique incorporating a strong understanding of the visual picture plane, potentially skewing it. A caricature artist would be good at this. The most learned of artists(and ultimately the ones who make the most impactful images) use both foundations to great effect. There is an elegance to the finish of a Picture plane artists, and there is intricacy to the beginning of a work by a structuralist. Cultivating the techniques of both enable a rich image w/ great draftsmanship to be had from start to finish.


I went to LAAFA's open figure study last night. It had been far too long since I had gone and I decided to use more familiar materials to draw. Markettes and artstix. I got some laughs out of the Venetian one. These are 20 minutes sketches.