Friday, April 30, 2010


I decided to do a better caricature of myself w/ more emphasis upon expression and likeness. Loving the sunburn. Meanwhile, also got in a sketch of RJD2. I am still working on the previous' post final, its half done, I swear.

Tomorrow I am drawing a live caricature of a couple for a marriage proposal. The man will be proposing to his lady, she being completely unaware, after I draw them as bride and groom. I will be videotaped as the guy wishes to have record of the occasion and potentially use it as footage for the wedding. Nothing better to see where you're at than to be tested in front of a cameraman, a guaranteed large crowd, a man in love who is fully placing his trust in you, and all under the hot Santa Monica sun.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

women caricatures

This post is a sectocaricature from photo reference of women models. I feel I need the practice for caricaturing women since I usually fail on exaggeration while I still usually get likeness. The final drawing, preliminary sketch, and reference are included. 30 minutes for the roughs, 3 1/2 hours for finals. My favorite is the top center, and I look forward to watercoloring them and posting likely tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So happy. . .

Guess who finally got his shipment of Markettes?

Those markers are very limited and hard to find. No matter the price, they are worth getting. Faces get ready.

I sketched my face quickly in red,white, and black verithins on a brown pad, then realized, why the hell aren't I using my markers?

Big Red

I have obtained an open session live drawing at LAAFA which has models for at least 3 hour chunks 6 days a week. I don't get to go all the time, as I'm usually up at 4am to get down to Santa Monica and reserve myself a performance spot, but I drew last night. These are the end ones after I got the shaky ones out. They vary from 1 to 10 minute sketches. The 2nd is a 10 and the others are twos. The third is a one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Life drawing fo life

I have learned from a caricaturist friend of mine in Santa Monica, a merrily Mongolian fellow named Mike, that the International Society of Caricature Artists(ISCA) will be meeting in Las Vegas in November. Imagine hundreds of goofy men and women who love to draw their brains out and make jokes of peoples' faces through art all gathering up for a week in a highly and colorfully lit playground that is Vegas. They draw each other all week, hold competitions for things like fastest sketch, most exaggeration, best black and white technique, best portfolio, and best everything else. I am uber psyched and looking to potentially compete when I get there.

This post shows a live sketch and watercolor of a model in an open session at LAAFA. It feels a little Brodneresque to me though. I will be drawing as much as I can to amp up since artists like Court Jones, Joe Bluhm, Jan Op De Beeck, and others will likely be drawing there as well.

Monday, April 12, 2010

rain day means personal work

Since sunny days now means drawing caricatures on the pier in Santa Monica, I don't get to do my own thing as much. Today saw some drawing from a model(the inside of a paper grocery bag) and some self sculpting portraiture. I plan now on finishing a bust of myself w/ a silly expression. I have found a new love, sculpting from life. I plan on practicing more in three dimensions; seeing things in the round lends to drawing and vice versa.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hugo the Peloponnesian war turtle! He is a cartoon design mainly intended as a mascot. Will continue updating new cartoons for a series. On another note I caricatured two Norwegian kids, two Jewish kids, four latinos, about eight white kids, a black girl, an Indian boy as a jedi, and four older senoras today. My goal is to draw a person from every country and ethnicity by the end of the year. In Santa Monica, its very possible.

I've developed a love affair with 93.6, an L.A. radio station for latinos. While I don't yet fully understand what they're singing about, I like to make assumptions as I learn Spanish through pop. It will happen. Mi gusta que mi gusta. Buenos noches, amigos.

Friday, April 2, 2010

What should I be?

This is one of many illustrations that will be completed for a children's book focusing on career choices starting in childhood. Its intention is to motivate kids while they're young to start thinking about what they'd need to do to be great at what they like to do. More real jobs will be the focus, as not everyone can or should be a musician or artist. All careers will be painted in a funny light, while maintaining the impression that everything takes effort. No half-assing allowed here, mister.