Tuesday, January 20, 2009



The picture posts prior and after this particular post are ones I've taken in Singapore of Maisie, myself, her family, the island, etc. We arrived in Singapore on Christmas day and left January 15th for the U.S. Not being used to long flights, 22 hours in the hour over two days, sleeping in San Francisco for six hours, I was a cranky man when I landed in Columbus.

I cannot help but mention though, the beauty of Singapore, especially when compared to the dreary and slush-encrusted winter Ohio landscape. The content of vegetation(palm trees, my goodness) was only paralleled by the smell of fruit and sea. Winter in Singapore is comparable to summer here, which scares me to think what their summers are like.

On a small island off the coast of Singapore, called Ubin, I found some of the largest spiders I've ever seen. After researching, I now know they are called Golden Orb spiders. Google them if you'd like, but as far as I know, they are pure maliciousness and the size of an IHOP pancake.

The fruit in Singapore is limitless as well and I was introduced to a fruit called durian. It's quite different from any other fruit as its consistency can be compared to a fibrous cream cheese, yet its flavor is variable, sometimes buttery, sometimes sweet, and sometimes almost salty. Try it if you're ever feeling experimental.

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