Friday, May 29, 2009

I wasn't kidding

The cartoony sketch I promised, as far as I cared to finish it today, anyway. A pincushion of a crusader. Still working as fast as my hand lets me.

Trying some scenery

Good news! I am not a felon. Don't worry. If you happened to be worrying, anyway. For my lack of a post yesterday I am posting a sketch and its first hour of photoshop painting. Later I will submit a different sketch, more cartoony in nature. Sure to at least provide a giggle. I will continue work on this scene.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 2 of sketches 'R' Me("us" was taken)

Howdy, sketch a day is finally in the making. Everyone else in the art world is doing it, so I'll update as well. My girlfriend and I are doing an hour(no more, no less) sketch a day of practically anything. It is to increase our speed, hone our work ethic, keep us in practice, and find weaknesses that we may have in doing fast work every single day. This one is a 8b graphite study of her while she was digitally painting a still life. More of a study in optical perspective from closeup. The size of the paper was 14 by 17. Another sketch should be up later.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


By the way, I may be a felon. More info later. Likely on Thursday. Wish me luck. But do check the website, updated and ready for your satisfaction, or at least for your amusement.

Sketches 'R' Me ("Us" was taken)

I do apologize for my uncannily rude behavior. . . I have not blogged. For quite a while, in fact. Truly, it is time for some sketches. Let the sketches begin!
There shall be more soon, but these are what's the topic of the day. The first two are concepts for an onomatopoeidic painting that involves some typography. It will start in watercolor and go to finish in photoshop. The vehicle is called "pitbull" and started in pen and marker, but will also finish in photoshop. Like I said, there shall be more, and sooner rather than later this time. I promise.