Monday, April 19, 2010

Life drawing fo life

I have learned from a caricaturist friend of mine in Santa Monica, a merrily Mongolian fellow named Mike, that the International Society of Caricature Artists(ISCA) will be meeting in Las Vegas in November. Imagine hundreds of goofy men and women who love to draw their brains out and make jokes of peoples' faces through art all gathering up for a week in a highly and colorfully lit playground that is Vegas. They draw each other all week, hold competitions for things like fastest sketch, most exaggeration, best black and white technique, best portfolio, and best everything else. I am uber psyched and looking to potentially compete when I get there.

This post shows a live sketch and watercolor of a model in an open session at LAAFA. It feels a little Brodneresque to me though. I will be drawing as much as I can to amp up since artists like Court Jones, Joe Bluhm, Jan Op De Beeck, and others will likely be drawing there as well.


  1. Can we call him MongoMike? Or Mikolian?

  2. I like MongoMike, although its connotation is slightly derogatory. I can appreciate Mikolian, since he is thus from Mikolia. But nothings as cool as Vinsanity.