Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter Rush

Spending a week for Thanksgiving not in school would normally enable a student to catch up on sleep, spend time relaxing, and enjoy pastimes. Not the case this time. Twelve hours of sleep each night, eating out every meal, watching a dozen movies, and drawing. Life was excruciating. I don't know how I pulled through.

But seriously, the gluttonous amount of down time that occurred last week will surely keep me up for several nights this week for finals. My hard copy portfolio is being put together currently, more additions to the website are under way, and I am working a illustration for Society of Illustrators before the deadline. CCAD does prepare its students well for creating more than 24 hours each day, though, so I'll go ahead and begin practicing the time-suspention rituals. One more week, and still have to prepare for a trip to Singapore.

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